Backyard plans

I have talked about the backyard alot. Here and here

Well, we interviewed 3 landscape people. One was weird, and I finally got one of the designs back. She did two iterations.

Here is Design 1:

First the aerial shot-

And some 3D shots-

And looking towards the cabana-

Things I like about this design include the stairs, giant steel planters, and cabana. I like that the stairs are staggered and imperfect.

I don’t like the abundance of stone/ concrete.

Here is design 2:

I like the stairs, but not that they’re so straight. I like the wood though. I like the overall feel of this plan, and the shaded area, but there’s no cabana. BOO!!

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Backyard plans

  1. Both are pretty incredible. I’m loving the cabana. Can you add the wood stairs to the first drawing? And the cabana would have sliding glass door (or one of those cool retractable glass garage doors!) which could give you the indoor-outdoor feel that you want. Casa onestorybuilding will be visiting 🙂

    1. OOOHHH. I love the idea of the retractable glass garage door!! Genius!! And yes, I would love you to visit!!

  2. First design for sure – wood never lasts well…
    Absolutely love your posts – thank you. When I receive them it is like a little coffee break in my day

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