Eat-in Kitchen

When you have a party, where does everyone congregate? IN THE KITCHEN!!

We are lucky to have a nice kitchen in Aquahaus, with subway tile & stainless steel appliances.

There is a large eat-in area.

Currently, we have a breakfast table in the corner by the windows.

Please ignore the too small pendant over the table.

Since this part of the kitchen has so much space, I’d like to turn it into more of an eat-in kitchen, putting a long dining table in there. People can hang out in the kitchen, eating/drinking at the table, while we “cook” or rather bartend.

Here are some inspiration pics:

from houzz

(from houzz)

What this will involve will obviously be buying a new long dining table/ chairs…

I think I may have found the table.

The table is 7.5 feet long, wood on chrome legs, and kickass. That pic is from the craigslist ad, not Elle Decor. You know why? Because the table belongs to Erin of Design Crisis. How kickass is that?
No wonder the pic is so good.

If only I could have the rug too..

And best part? Table + chairs = $450.

My saint of a hubby picked it up last weekend.

Get on craigslist people, or better yet- don’t!! Leave it for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Here is a pic of the table completely unstyled.



5 thoughts on “Eat-in Kitchen

  1. oh! Shut UP! You STOLE that table! Well done. I thought you meant a table LIKE it, but no, you meant the actual same table. Very cool! Thanks for commenting and telling me! Looks like you are starting a very nice dining room!

    1. Muahahahahaha!! Awesome huh? And the best part? She is so super nice and now I’ve made a new badass friend. Blogging is awesome! Nice to meet you Nichole, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time!

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