Backyard Landscape Design

Let’s talk about the backyard. The last time I saw it, it looked like this:

We have big plans for the yard. The single most important component is a small, rectangular, soaking pool.
I have not been subtle in my description of my future pool, especially to my landscape designers. Yes, we interviewed 3.

These are the pics I sent them (all from pinterest):

They all have a rectilinear, modern vibe.

I also specified that I’d like a large open lawn space for our future progeny.

I got one landscape plan back.

Do you see what I see? A very long lap pool, and very little green space. Bad!!

This is what I sent back, as a crude, kindergarten representation of what I want.

I got a very offput, strange response.

I don’t think we’ll be using landscape designer #1.

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    1. Man oh man, first Erin, now you. I’m like major design blogger starstruck! and a major dorkus. I love your blog! Rock on!

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