Rihanna / Chris Brown Cake

Is it weird to anyone else that Rihanna has done 2 collaborations with her ex- Chris Brown.  The same Chris Brown that beat the crap out of her?

The song is “Cake”.

It is weird that they managed to force innumerable sexual innuendos into a song about birthdays and birthday cake.



Unfortunately, the song has a hype beat that still makes me dance in the car.



5 thoughts on “Rihanna / Chris Brown Cake

  1. i have the same love/hate relationship with this song. it’s like listening to r. kelly. you’re so grossed out by the artist(s) but just. can’t. stop. listening. p.s. – that’s so exciting you bought a house in austin! my little sister is moving there too after she graduates from vet school next month πŸ™‚

    1. That is awesome!! Now I can hang out with your little sis!! How are you doing?? Are you still in NYC???

  2. Yes, we are still in NYC πŸ™‚ We miss Texas but will probably be here for a few more years because of work. Let us know if you are ever in town for a visit!

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