Sectional shopping

Now that we have Aquahaus, and my sweet hubby has done all the hard unpacking/cleaning, we are on to the fun part- shopping!!

The living room needs seating. Here is a reminder:

We would like a sectional. Mid century mod.

Since I’m now obsessed with thrifting, I’ve been checking out these. They range from $450- >3000 dollars.

First up-


Huge. Awesome. Recently reupholstered. Most expensive. Obvs.


Also cool. Darker color. Nice shape.


Burnt orange. That’s a plus. Smaller.


Turquoise! Seats 6! well priced.

Which do you like?

4 thoughts on “Sectional shopping

  1. I think I like the second, darker. The room is so bright, it would be a nice contrast maybe?? Love them all, though.

    Portland misses you!


    1. Caitlin!! I’m still here until July!! We need to hang out!!! I’m with ya, I like the dark gray one too! 🙂

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