Master Closet Carpeting

So one of the greatest parts of Aquahaus is the master closet!! Woo hoo!!!

There are carpet tiles on the floor. They’re okay, but slightly dirty and dingy.

J was going to rent a RugDoctor to wash them. (God bless his sweet soul).

I have a better idea!! Let’s replace them!! With something more fun.

Of course FLOR tiles are the best.

I love this one. It would allow me to get my pink fix. $3.34 per square foot.

Interestingly, I found these.

They are $1.55 a square foot!! Don’t they look remarkably similar? I think they are slightly cosmetically flawed, but apparently “absent to the naked eye”.

FLOR also has this great pattern. It is called “lasting grateness” for $4.83 a square foot.

Again, I found it here, for $1.55 a square foot!!

Looks similar enough to me!!

There are 2 more patterns I liked.

This one. For $1.55 a square foot!

And this one. More pink!! $1.52 a square foot!

Which do you like?

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