Parting is such sweet sorrow

We have lived in this apartment for over a year and it was my favorite. It was big, had beautiful windows, lots of natural light, and huge closets. 20120318-135205.jpg20120318-135226.jpg20120318-135258.jpg

Our building itself was amazing. I will miss the manager, our doorman, and the coffee station in the lobby every morning. 20120318-135412.jpg

Even though my job is paying for moving, including packing, (which is awesome by the way), we had to do a fair amount of cleaning and organization before hand. We donated 7 bags of clothing and shoes.

And the amount of trash we threw away was unbelievable.


On moving day, they came, they packed, they loaded. 20120318-135706.jpg20120318-135731.jpg

Looking around the empty apartment made me sad. 20120318-135821.jpg

A lot of good times were had here. And lots of foos matches in the former foos ball room were won and lost +/- double watermelon vodka shots!


This is the last pic I took from the balcony. [sniff sniff]


Beautiful rainy Portland.

As I pulled out of the garage for the last time, I looked lovingly at our covered parking spots. So great in rainy Portland.


Coming out of the garage, with nowhere to really go, my car automatically drove itself to the mall.

A little retail therapy perhaps?

I’m eating cheap Chinese food in the food court using the free wifi.

Let’s see what I can buy to make myself feel better.


Tonight, I stay at my in-laws. Over the next 3 months, I will couch surf and house-sit as many homes as I possibly can. Blog worthy for sure!

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