Cup A’ Joe- The Deuce

Hello readers,

Special treat today!! Cup A’ Joe returns!! Again, single ladies, don’t be shy!!

Without further ado, here’s Joe!!!

Cup A’ Joe- The Deuce

I went to Vegas last month with a college buddy and had the luxury of staying at a suite at the Palms. Remember the scene in The Hangover when they walk into their villa at Caeser’s? I had my own T.I. and Rihanna moment when I walked into this place.

This is what you first see when you walk in. The shades are remote controlled of course. The fireplace was a nice addition.

The room came with its own bar.

I never thought I’d say this but the bathrooms were the highlight of the place. The place had three of them. Each toilet had a phone next to it. Really not sure what I was supposed to do with that. What’s worse, a drunk dial or a dump dial?

There were two showers. One was a shower-sauna with two steam vents. The other was the PARTY SHOWER! WOO HOO. Check this thing out:

It had 5 shower heads, the green and red lights were constantly changing and this was only half of the size of the shower. It was literally its own room. This bathroom also had a cool spa tub that filled from the ceiling.

The suite also had 7 televisions, a Bose sound system alarm, and a walk in closet (for the ladies).
Throw in the fact that I get to spend time with a great friend, enjoyed some surf-and-turf at the N9NE steakhouse and got to see Beatles cirque…not a bad way to spend 3 days.

JW out!!!

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