Oscar Fashion Recap

Let’s talk about Oscar fashion. The Good, Bad, and Ugly. (Really Bad and Ugly are together). All images from usmagazine.com- daily reading for me.

First the good:

Kate Mara. Looks like a little angel. With that drapey thing on her arm, can she abduct? I don’t know.

Viola Davis. That green is definitely working for her. Her arms are ripped yo! Could definitely kick my ass.

Emma Stone. Sigh. She is awesome. So funny. So likeable. So cute. Love the red on her.

Ellie Kemper- I have no idea who she is, but her dress is rockin’! And her blangs (blunt bangs) are also kickass. And it is cute that they match.

Kristen Wiig- Wow, she looks so feminine! So pretty!! Proving that funny and pretty are not mutually exclusive. (Did anyone see that skit where she played Bjork? So freaking hilarious)

Next, we have 2 looks that I am on the fence on, but I really think I like them.

Gwennie- She just looks too phenomenal, even if she looks like a Nordic Ice Queen in this outfit. Skinny!!!

Rooney Mara- This look is pretty specific. But it works because of the hair and the makeup. She looks like “Amelie”. I like.

Now the bad…

Angie- Even though you are beautiful, I am so over you. You do this look everytime, and I am over it. You are much more fun when you take risks and wear color.

Brad- You are old. That hair makes no sense. That expression is dumb. She has worn you down and you look worse for the wear. That’s it.

Stacy- You are beautiful, but you look like you are going to a debutante ball. It is better when you don’t match the Oscar statue quite so literally. But you are pretty!

George- You still look pretty good.

And lastly, it pain me, but

Natalie- I just don’t like this dress on you.

But I love you. Can we be besties?

Happy Monday. Tomorrow? Cup A’ Joe returns!!!

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