The next morning, 4 hours later, somehow we woke up for the Wedding Brunch.

3 words: Nutella-filled crepes.

yummmmm. (pro pic)

pro pic
pro pic

Most people leave for their honeymoon after their wedding. I mean, that’s pretty normal right?

Not us.

We left to Paris, with our 3 photographers, and a small posse.

After a week with such wonderful people, we couldn’t quit them cold turkey. We would have to taper ourselves off…

True story, the 1st night of our honeymoon, I slept in a king sized bed with my new husband to my left, and my best friend (maid of honor) to my right. (long story)

This was a very exciting time in Paris. The world cup was going on, and we packed a picnic and watched the US lose in front of the Eiffel Tower, (which took off some of the sting). It was seriously surreal.

Ah le sigh

We then went back to the hotel to prep for our night photo shoot. Here I was responsibly checking my work email, waiting for J to get ready. (diva) (him, not me)

Here were our night portraits:

pro pic

Unfortunately, I started to feel like crap. So we went home to sleep, to prepare for the next day’s photo shoot!

Please note: Pics are all copyrighted. Please do not use without written permission.

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8 thoughts on “Our French Chateau Wedding- Part 9- Honeymoon in Paris”

  1. no way this is your life. also, that man-candy in the american speedo must have made your night in paris at least a thousand times better. also, nutella crepes=yummmmmmm.

    1. It was my fantasy life for a brief 2 weeks, and I wanna go back!!! Nutella crepes? yes, all you can say is yummmmmmm.. 🙂

  2. Hi, loved all the photos. I’m getting married in Chateau Lagorce next June, so all the details were great. I’m starting all the planning now, could I possibly ask you a few questions??

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