The Horse is the New Bird

The Horse is the New Bird

Yesterday, we discussed “Put a Bird on It”.

Today, we discuss the new bird- the horse and the deer.

Yes, these are the new “bird”.

The same day I went to Home Goods, in addition to all the bird paraphernalia, HORSE!!!

horse art

horse statues

I also picked up a super cool horse shirt from Forever XXI. (Yes, I am too old to shop there)
It is this shirt. This is not me. This is a super cute girl from chictopia.


In addition to the horse, the deer is making a big push.

While brunching at Irving Street Kitchen, I noticed my hostess rocking this super cool deer tunic. I covertly stole this pic of her.

See how I tried to covertly take this pic?

Remember, You heard it here first!

2 thoughts on “The Horse is the New Bird

  1. I think the giraffe has joined the ranks of the horse and bird…a little less in fashion, but it’s still out there quite a bit. “Opulence, I has it.” I happen to love all the trendy little wild things. 🙂

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