Put A Bird on It!!

Portlandia. Put a Bird on It. Do you know what I’m talking about? If not, you are not a hipster.

That’s okay. I will explain it all to you.

There is a show called Portlandia. It is a series of skits about Portland. There is truth in every skit. See, Portland is one of those places that is fiercely proud of its culture.

from ifc.com

Coffee snob? Have you had Stumptown? Check!

Microbrewery snobs? Try the Bridgeport IPA. Check!

Locavore? Locally grass fed beef? Locally grown produce? Check!

Recycle? That’s so yesterday. Composting? Check!

from oregonlive.com

Raining outside? Portlanders still bike to work.

Snowing? Put the chains on the bike and bike to work!

Bartenders? There aren’t bartenders in Portland, there are mixologists.

Yes for real.

It is such an interesting place to live, and its self-pride is second only to Texans.

Anyways, one of the best Portlandia skits was “Put a Bird on It”. Haven’t you noticed this trend? Cute little birds on everything? Just look on Etsy. It’s bird explosion.

I went to Home Goods this past weekend.

Bird Explosion:

bird settee

bird statues
bird pillows
bird frames

Yes birds were huge in 2011. But tomorrow, I will tell you what is even bigger!