That’s Not My Name!!!

Have you ever heard of the Ting Tings? They sing this song, “That’s Not My Name!” It’s a little angry, but catchy.

Have you ever heard of Celine Dion?

From Wikipedia

Yeah, she is pretty famous.

Her French album, D’eux is the best selling French album of all time.

She has sold over 200 million albums worldwide.

She has this teeny show at this hotel in Vegas, Caesar’s Palace.


No big deal.


She is a huge deal.

She is a famous superstar.

And her name is NOT that hard to spell.

Coincidentally, my name is also Celine. All my life, I’ve heard, “Oh Celine? Like Celine Dion? Ha Ha. Can you sing too?”

So she is FAMOUS.

But when I go to Starbies, it’s like none of my baristas have ever heard of Celine Dion. (exception is my regular barista, Erin. I love you Erin)

Here are some recent pics:

Obviously, they are spelling it out phonetically.

Ummm yeah, that last one? Really? That isn’t even phonetically correct, unless you’re from the South…kind of. “Heeeyyyyy Say-leenne”. Yes, I have heard that.

Saline is salt water, like the kind we use for IV fluids.


Sorry for the angry rant, I should be happier. I’m in So Cal!!

Update Alert!!!

We went to Starbies this morning in the OC. I ordered 2 different drinks from 2 different baristas.

But then…..

Holy $%!@.

Case closed.

12 thoughts on “That’s Not My Name!!!

  1. Now it would be REALLY awkward if someone important and involved in your life for say 4-5 years didn’t know your name, Saline.

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  3. Wow- how frustrating ha ha. Next time just saw Celine- like the singer. This is my first time to your blog, but it won’t be my last. Loved visiting!

  4. Ha ha that’s kind of funny. Maddening I’m sure. But NO ONE knows how to spell. Names especially. I always get “Gena” or “Genna.” One time, I got “Jeenah”. Ridiculous!


  5. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. Except your case has got to be way more frustrating since people should have a reference for your name. Mine is made up. I kind of feel you on that front though, because my maiden name, however odd it may be, is the same as that of a really famous director – probably the most rich and famous director you can think of – and people looked at me like I was speaking German. Which I guess I kind of was.

    I feel like it looks really spammy to post links in other people’s comments, but I love the universal misery-loves-company status of the Starbucks cup – i’ve posted about it too:

    1. Sidenote: after reading this post and the comments, I kind of want to start a tumblr where people send in their botched Starbucks cup names…

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