Our French Chateau Wedding- Part 8

Now the fun….

The reception was pretty awesome. This is because:

1) We had a kickass band- L’Agence Mess.

Woo hoo!! (pro pic)

pro pic

2) We had kickass DJs that were so “Night at the Roxbury”. Seriously, they did not quit, until we quit. And when we quit at 3:30, they were not ready to quit.

pro pic

unst unst unst (pro pic)

pro pic

3) We and our guests are obviously awesome. Here is some proof:

yea yer (pro pic)

pro pic

My awesome SIL. She gets low, low, low, low. (pro pic)

Amazing. (pro pic)

There was alot of this. (pro pic)

Alot. Don't lie, you did this in college too. (pro pic)

I've done this dance many times too. (pro pic)

There was some salsa. (pro pic)

There was some Thriller. (pro pic)

I don't know what this dance is. (pro pic)

I think this was during "Don't Stop Believing" (pro pic)

We always end the night with Sinatra's "My Way" (pro pic)

3) We took pics like this.

pro pic

4) We had fireworks.

For reals. (pro pic)

pro pic

5) We post wedding flip-cupped. This is one of the best drinking games of all time.

pro pic

pro pic

Team Bride won!!! (pro pic)

The boys were all bitter and stuff. (pro pic)

But we made up. (pro pic)

and we went to bed at 4 or 5 AM, as a happily married couple.

pro pic

Happiest day of my life…

Please note: Pics are all copyrighted. Please do not use without written permission.

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21 thoughts on “Our French Chateau Wedding- Part 8

  1. i’m a photographer, so i love pics and getting inspired by them. those firework pictures made fireworks in my pants!! i LOVE them.

  2. OH gosh, how perfect is it that I stumbled on your blog today?? Because it just so happens that we (my fiance and I) are planning our wedding in a French chateau for next June!!!! Wahoooooo!!!! Reading through all your wedding posts has just made me even for excited for all that’s to come. congrats on your beautiful wedding 🙂 And I’m so happy I found your blog!

    1. You will not regret your decision! It was amazing to get married in France. And cheaper!! The American wedding industry is crazy. Can’t wait to follow along in your planning!

  3. Ok, so first, I just spent the last forever reading ALL your wedding posts! (Unless there is one after this!) How fun, beautiful, intimate, romantic, etc.!!! Beautiful wedding and wonderful week! I’m planning my wedding right now and it is so fun to see what other people’s weddings look like!

    Second. I love Sangria! I studied in Spain for a semester and drank it aaaaaaallll the time! I love coffee, but mostly lattes! Hence my blog, Laughing Latte.

    Third. Love your 2012 resolution!

    Fourth. You have a new follower.

    Fifth. Sorry for the book length comment.

    Luvv, Leigh B

    1. OMG. Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I too love numbering my thoughts!! Can’t wait to read about your wedding planning adventures!!! -Celine

  4. I just looked through all your wedding posts it was beautiful! It looked like a fairytale! I found your blog from story of my life : )

    1. Thanks Kelli!! Just checked out your blog, it’s awesome! You in Michigan? My husband is a Wolverine. Go Blue!

  5. OMG! These are awesome pics! So fun!!! And you looked really pretty 🙂 Congratulations Celine (I spelled your name correctly! HA)

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