Diary of a Hoarder

Hello America,

I have a problem. I am messy. and apparently, a hoarder. My office is disgusting. Here is the evidence:

Yes, I am completely unable to throw away cups into my trash can. Even though it is literally 1.5 feet away.

I just let them pile up on my desk.

I like to collect things. Like beanie babies, Blazer bobbleheads, and talking gnomes.

Especially in groups of three….oohh…how mysterious.

I’m pretty sure these had flowers in them. Once Upon A Time.

I love Texas. Apparently x 3.

and Rad Bio!!! NOT.

There are my confessions. Love me or leave me.

CBO out!

Happy MLK Day!!

4 thoughts on “Diary of a Hoarder

  1. haha that is so funny you have all those cups when the trash is right there! Personally, I leave the starbucks cups out sometimes because I think they are sooo pretty. Maybe subconsciously you do too!

    1. I forgot to title this post, “Diary of a Lazy Hoarder”. That is more a propos. Thanks for reading!!

  2. I couldn’t reply back to your email so I am leaving another comment—– yes, the conversations are RIDICULOUS.. there is a part one. I think it was even better! haha thanks for visiting! 🙂

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