The Bachelor Recap- Episode 2

Umm.. why are they in Sonoma already? What are they going to do when they need to go to his hometown?


So, Kacie B. got the first date. She is very cute. Her laugh is slightly annoying. But she is a baton twirler! and a nice girl.

Then it got all emotional in the theater when they watched video of their childhoods. All high tech now, The Bachelor is.

Then the group date. Kids write the play and assign the roles. After wearing an x-rated romper,


Blakeley gets cast as a gingerbread man.

Best quote of the night: What do you get when you cross a gingerbread man and a hooker? Blakeley. Ouch. She is major skankus and crazy pants.

What was up with the naked sheep costume Ben?

Dark Horse- Jennifer. Very cute. Wish she had gotten the rose on the date instead of crazy Blakely. She seems very genuine.


Speaking of crazy, Courtney! Wowsers. The best part of her date was Ben’s dog- Scotch. What a cutie. How cute was his howling? “I was working on me”? How cliched.

She used to date Jesse Metcalfe. He must’ve gotten fed up with her mean girl ways.

J had a great suggestion. She and Blakeley should battle to the death! Psycho vs. psycho!

But the girls were kinda mean to her. and that made me sad to see her curled in the corner of the luggage room. Far cry from her Hooters days.


Jenna was scooters and that got her eliminated. Too bad. She was cute. But geez, did you have to rep bloggers like that? All crazified!!

Not the best episode ever, but hopefully it will get better.

Woo hoo!!

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