Butterscotch budoni a la Batali

One of my fave desserts is the butterscotch pudding at Portland’s Irving Street Kitchen. It is truly delicious.

I also have a fascination with all things in mini mason or canning jars. So dainty and pretty.

From Camille Styles

Combining the two seemed natural…

I followed this recipe.

First up, the fancy ingredients. I had to buy fleur de sel. You know you are either a master chef or poser if you buy this.


I started by mixing the heavy cream and milk. Pretty easy.


And I prepared my eggs in a separate bowl. 20120107-162504.jpg

And whisked them with the cornstarch into this. 20120107-162530.jpg

On the stove, I melted my dark brown sugar and water to make this. 20120107-162611.jpg

When the caramel browned on the edges, I mixed in the cream mixture. It made a pretty light brown mixture. 20120107-162715.jpg
I then whisked in half of the cream mixture into the egg mixture. And then folded this back into the cream still in the saucepan. (kinda confusing)


I then added the butter and rum.


And poured through a mesh strainer into my jars.


Into the fridge they went to firm up.

Then I started on the caramel sauce.

Again melting sugar with water and corn syrup. It starts clear in color.


Then bubbles and becomes brown.



And then you heat more cream and mix this with the caramel to make this.


But alas, it was not so easy. The pudding was ruuuuunnnnyyy. Betty Crocker I am not.

So I put the mixture back on the heat and thickened it up with cornstarch.

Umm. Too much cornstarch actually.

Despite putting it into an ice bath, it never quite set.

But making lemonade out of lemons, it did make a good ice cream topping.

Especially with fruit and my salted caramel sauce.


All is well that ends well, I suppose. The recipe is great, I think I didn’t bring it to enough of a boil, and TOO MUCH CORNSTARCH!!

But Butterscotch budino, you will be mine one day!!!!