Our French Chateau Wedding- Part 6

Walking down the aisle.. that took a long time. It was a massive staircase, and the whole time, I held onto my dad, fearing my 4 inch heels would be my demise.

Long Steps of Chateau Lagorce (pro pic)

But I made it down the aisle.
pro pic

A wizard from Harry Potter married us. And was apparently very funny.

pro pic

Getting married is hilarious! (pro pic)

Or more likely, it was me, during the reading of my vows. Yes, football came up.
Gimme an oscar already! (pro pic)

We had all our guests bless our rings while passing them along a ribbon. Not sure how easily this transpired, but we didn’t lose the rings.

rings on a ribbon (pro pic)

And then he put a ring on it. (Another shout out to Beyonce)

pro pic

I didn’t remember this, but everyone held hands for some time during the ceremony.

I wanna hold your hand.... (pro pic)

Yea!! We’re married!

pro pic

Then we went through every possible family and bridal portrait permutation.

pro pic

pro pic

That's how I roll! (pro pic)

We took some pictures.

pro pic

Yes, my legs were airbrushed. awesome! (pro pic)
pro pic
Chateau Lagorce (pro pic)
Vineyards (pro pic)
More vineyards

I guess we mostly had a kissing theme going on…

This is what I consider to our official bridal portrait:

pro pic

Then some ultimate nerfis bridal party pics

pro pic
pro pic
pro pic

Then off to cocktail hour!!

We had a kickass band, L’agence Mess. Highly recommend.

pro pic

Cocktail Hour (pro pic)
(pro pic)

(pro pic)

Next up- The Wedding Dinner…

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