Our French Chateau Wedding- Part 5

Day 5- The Big Day!

I have to split up the wedding post into 4 parts. Otherwise, it would be too massive.

I woke up fairly early the day of the wedding. I wasn’t really nervous, I guess I was excited. I went downstairs, and everyone but my dad was still asleep. So my dad and I had coffee outside in the garden together, the day of my wedding. I will always cherish that moment.

Then the whirlwind began. J & the guys gathered in his wing of the chateau, while I hunkered down in our room with the girls. This part was fun.

My mom and aunt did my hair. They did an amazing job.

pro pic

They also did all the hair for the bridal party.

To avoid ruining my make-up, my maid of honor pushed food into my mouth.

pro pic

Meanwhile, J was writing his vows on the day of our wedding.

Shocker! (pro pic)

Last minute, not surprising. He he. (I wrote mine in April- 2 months prior)

And apparently he needed some shots to prepare to marry me.

pro pic

pro pic
pro pic

But I needed some rosé.

cheers! (pro pic)

pro pic

pro pic

genius fest. (pro pic)

My flower girls were the cutest ever, right?

adorable coco (pro pic)

And also wanted their makeup done.

pro pic

And my bridesmaids were totally rad.

rainbows & butterflies (pro pic)

I quite loved my hair. I used not just one, but 2 gigantic hair flowers.

zen- tastic (pro pic)

Finally, it was time to get into the dress. I loved this dress. It was pretty. It was originally $3700, I got it on eBay for $500. True story. Me very lucky.

pro pic

People that really love you will help you get into your shoes.

yellow wedding shoes! (pro pic)

Then on went my jewelry.

pro pic

Then the veil,

pro pic

And all of a sudden, I was a bride.

I was much skinnier then. (tear) pro pic

But not to be outdone by J, who seriously has 2x the number of formal portraits that I do. Here are a select number of his glamour shots.

I'm too sexy (pro pic)

for my shirt ( pro pic)

so sexy it hurts!!! (pro pic)

While the girls took the requisite happy, “ha, we’re laughing” shots,

pretty girls in turquoise (pro pic)

fake laughing is fun!! pro pic

The boys took these:

pro pic

pro pic

Then they wanted to go take “resevoir dogs” shots in the vineyards. Seriously, they monopolized all of the photographers’ time. And by they, I mean J.

vineyard wedding (pro pic)

What a ham! (pro pic)

how dramatic (pro pic)

Run faster!! (pro pic)

But then finally it was time.

The bridal party made their way down the massive stone steps.

chateau lagorce steps (pro pic)

We walked downstairs, and I collected myself before walking outside. One last embrace…

pro pic

and my Dad started to walk me down the aisle…

All the steps of Chateau Lagorce (pro pic)

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