All I want for Christmas is you…and….

Well, I certainly don’t need anything for Christmas. I have super cool friends, family, and a rad husband, (who has already gotten me a super cool chair) (to follow in separate blog post)

But JIC (just in case)….in no particular order:

1. An Ice Cream Maker. so I can make yummy ice cream and sorbet

From Amazon

2. Leather Short (totally essential)(on sale!!)

From Piperlime. Amaze.

3. New phone wallet. Michael Kors. Super awesome.

From apple store

4. $60k for condo downpayment. (You’ll always be welcome to stay!)

5. Baby (this one is free, but only 1 person in particular can get me this one)

Choose wisely!!

Happy gift giving! What’s on your wish list this year?