How to make a pomander chandelier

Here is my pom chandelier tutorial. This assumes you know how to make poms.

First, Go to Michael’s and buy floral hoops. They usually come in 2 sizes.

Buy craft straws and cut them. I cut each straw into sixths. I bought mine online at imagine childhood.

Use a punch to punch pretty shapes out of tissue paper.




Measure out how long you want your twine strands to be. In retrospect, I would have made mine longer.

String the paper shapes an straws, in an alternating pattern.



You will need 6 long strands for the top part. You will need 6 strands for the part that loops under the chandelier.

Attach your 6 upper strands to the floral wire hoop in at an equal distance.


Then tie them together at the top by their ends. Use this to hang the chandelier. Now you can attach the looping strands at the bottom.


I then attached tiny pomander flowers to these.


And I attached small pomanders to the hanging strings with floral wire.


Then I attached larger poms onto the wire hoop itself.


Hang with fishing line and voila!

These make good wedding, party, shower decorations. As well as nursery decor.


Thanks so much for your sweet comments! Rock on!

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