Puppy musings

Hello people. I love dogs. A lot. I want a puppy.

CAUTION: This post is so cute, it’s sick.

About these puppies, I need help. If you know anything about these breeds, please let me know.

Here are the players in contention:

1) Bard- Miniature Aussiedoodle. Will not shed. Will be ~16-18lbs. Has blue eyes.

From purebredbreeders.com

2) Bailey- French bulldog. Brother lives in our building. Super ugly cute.

From purebredbreeders.com

3) Sebastian- Havanese. Cute. Pretty colors.

From pure bred breeders.com

What’s your vote? Inquiring minds want to know!! Slowly but surely, I’m breaking J down.


2 thoughts on “Puppy musings

  1. I like Sebastian! Maybe better luck with Bailey though.. Justin might take pity on him. Life looks just a little bit harder for him.

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