Sunday funday

Well, my fantasy team continues to be plagued by the gods.

So I choose not to watch anymore football. Instead, j and I went to get treats at Nuvrei cafe which just opened in the pearl.
We had some delicious macarons.


Now we are on our way to buy more electronics. J needs to buy a more ergonomic mouse. Dorkus!!

Here is a pic I took this weekend using hipstamatic. I used to be an exclusive instagram user but hipstamatic has been good.


It was taken at Yama sushi. Which has unbelievable sashimi BTW. Go there! I think giving up sashimi will be one of the most difficult aspects of pregnancy. That and alcohol. And coffee. And sleep. And getting fat. And tired.

Happy thoughts!!



1) I am not prego.

2) my sis in law is the cutest smallest prego lady ever.