30th Bday Recap

I had an awesome bday party. J truly pulled out all the stops so that the party would be great. And it was.

We kicked it off at our place, and then made our way to Voicebox. Of course. This is the greatest karaoke place on Earth. Ron and Chad are the coolest. And this is one of the things I will most about PDX.

My cake was amazing. Schwedy balls and Cherry Garcia a la Ben and Jerry’s. Positively awesome.

Thanks to everyone who came out. I had the greatest time ever. You guys are awesome. Special shout-out to Jer-Bear and Jacob who fly in for the festivities. Best ever. xoxo

Now for something introspective before the smorgasbord of pics:

Now that I’m 30, I am learning more and more to cut people out of my life that suck, that drain my soul and offer nothing positive in return. Everyone should do this. We all have too much to offer and too much to be thankful for, to dwell on these certain losers.

Tomorrow is resplendent with possibilities.