Our French Chateau Wedding- Part 2

Our Chateau Wedding- Day 2

I woke up in a panic that morning realizing there was no food in the house for the 40 people staying there, 30 of whom were sure to be hung over.

Bless his heart, J drove to the boulangerie to get fresh baguettes and croissants. Definitely a perk of being in France. Hope he wasn’t drunk.

But we had to buck up! We were going wine tasting that day. In retrospect, maybe I should not have scheduled it so. The mere thought of drinking more alcohol made me sick. And I don’t think I was the only one. But everyone put on a brave face.

Kickass coach bus. (pro pic)

We had the greatest wine tour arranged by Bordeaux 33, and Xavier. If you are going to do this in Bordeaux, please, use him. He is exceptional and their buses are kick ass. I honestly don’t remember the vineyards we went to, but they were quite great.

At first, I was still hung over from the previous evening’s flip cup activities and I think it showed.

Blargaschmarg. (pro pic)

But it got better.

pro pic

pro pic

pro pic

The only kind of baby J is ready for.

Hush little baby, don't say a word. (pro pic)

And we had a wonderful lunch at Café Lavinal. Beware the Barbe a Papa. This dessert is pure rum.

Caution: Looking at this dessert may make you drunk. (pro pic)

pro pic

We had to get in a “romantic” shot.

Mwah! (pro pic)

Then back to the chateau for a rousing game of celebrity!!

Not sure what he was acting out. (pro pic)

Steve Miller Band (pro pic)

pro pic

Not bad for day 2.


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