Weekend in Austin- Part Two

So where were we? Ah yes, food coma. When we finally woke up, we had to get it together, because we had to go out to dinner again!!!

We made rezies at Congress, one of Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurants of 2011. Quite delicious all around, and impeccable service.

I tried to get a romantic pic. I got this:

J's expression is priceless.

Highlights of the meal:

Espresso crusted ribeye with caramel sauce

Sheer genius: Sweet potato beignets with salted butter ice cream.

Food coma returned and we retreated to slumber.

The next day, we were back up and at ’em.

First up, mexican breakfast at La Condesa. Seriously gorgeous restaurant.

And the huevos rancheros were good too.

Then, prep time for the game. We headed first to the Co-op to pick up UT schwag.

Hook 'em

I ran into my other boyfriend.

Me and Colt

It wasn’t a big deal or anything.

Then to the tailgate!

Seriously great times.

UT won. Hook ’em!

The next day, we woke up and went to South Congress or SoCo.

We did some antiquing. We didn’t buy anything, though I was tempted to buy this awesome relic:

Then we stopped to get some ice cream at Amy’s, and ran into none other than Brad Womack!!

Le Sigh

And he was honestly just as handsome as on TV, and he was SUPER nice.

Then, we went to Barton Springs to cool off from the heat. (Meanwhile,
I was still talking about how we just met Brad) (Justin is a good sport.)

Please go here if you go to Austin.

Then back to the hotel to prep for our evening shenanigans.

Read about these tomorrow!!