Kristina’s Korner- Destructus Maximus (Week 2 of the remodel)

Buenos dias readers. Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend. I did! Austin kicks ass. More on that later.

To start our week on a high note, here’s Kristina!!



Inspired by Celine, I will show you my life in pictures, albeit less glamorous.

Came home Tuesday to find this:

Coat closet on main level destroyed for support beam.

Where are the clothes?

Guest room covered in coats, bathrobes, and all my boots! The tragedy!

Roof optional. Good news: framing has begun!

Our (lumber) yard with Darren harvesting tomatoes.

Watch your step!

Easy access (to our 2nd story).

New basement support beam with walls destructed. (Notice Earl’s paw prints in the fresh concrete…thanks kitten!)

Now a brief story:
Tuesday 6:45am: I’m changing in the guest room where my closet resides. Adjacent to me is the sliding door to the porch. As I’m starting to change into my RadOnc best, I see our construction team entering the yard in clear sight of my bare bottom. I dove into the 2ft deep closet to resume dressing. Embarrassment level: HIGH.
6:55am: country music starts on the boom box
6:59am: table saw, hammer, insanity begins
7:00am: the first attempt at “kitten wrangling” our newest sport in the Young house. Darren is champion having pulled kittens from under beds, basement crawl spaces, and beneath a couch. I, sadly, snagged a sweater and informed Darren this is a job best left for him. (Do I really want the cats pissed at me for locking them in “kitty prison” aka our room?)
7:10am: exit the house for work to the glares of my neighbors. Sorry!

8pm: Arrive home from work to the above destruction and Darren freaking out about the above destruction. Rapid fire questioning of me ensues. I hold out my hand in a “STOP” motion, and ask for five minutes to decompress. I walk to the fridge to retrieve:

Here’s to a quick remodel!

KY out!