Maine Trip Recap

Maine was a great week! We spent time with 2 sets of Goldbergs, young loving couple- D & L, and 3 super cute dogs!

Let’s meet some of the players.

First up, D & L.

At the Ogunquit Lobster Pound

Parker aka Parkie Pants

Boomer aka Boom Boom

and Cocoa

Same size as stuffed animal. Needs red eye reduction

When we left for Boston, we took the Red Eye. To ease the pain, I used some of this:

Wine and Ativan

When we got to Boston, we started the trek up North, starting in Portsmouth, NH. What a beautiful little town.

Lots of towns end in “mouth” in NE, BTW.

We finally made it to York Harbor, our home base for the week.

We did cute, vacation-ey things, like baseball on the lawn.

and made smores over a fire.

The beach is gorgeous albeit windy, and makes for good paddle ball playing.

Hold on to your knickers!

"Hit to me guys."

or sand castle building.


But mostly we ate. And it was usually lobster or ice cream.

One highlight was the Ogunquit Lobster Pound. Is it called a Lobster Pound because they are imprisoned to be killed soon?

You go to the tank, and peer down and see:

"Don't pick me"

You make your selection,

and they boil the lobsters. Then young boys crack them for you.

Tough summer job

Then they arrive to your table like this:


You put on your bib.

and get to cracking!

Don't forget the butter

Really, everyone should go to Maine for lobster once in their lives.

Now, onto ice cream. Maine does it right. One place in particular, Brown’s.



I don’t think D minded.

All in all, a great week, even if it was cut short by Irene.