Fantasy Football

It was a stressful week. I was supposed to be on vacation, but there I was in Maine, worrying about my draft to put together the ultimate team-

Don't be jealous.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

Effing Irene ruined my draft plans. I had high hopes to live smack talk fear into my opponents’ heart, but alas, I had to auto-draft.

I set up my autodraft list, and to my surprise, my draft didn’t turn out too badly.

Immediately upon landing, I used my Yahoo FF app on my iPhone to check my team.

Aside from Jerome Harrison and Jerome Simpson, it was pretty good. I picked up Donald Driver and a kicker on the waivers.

My team looks like this:

Here’s my week 1 matchup:

Let’s hope the score stays that way. Any recs from you FF experts?