Here are some random things on my radar:

1) Maine has been great. While most days have consisted of this:

My view of York Beach

and this,

World famous lobster roll at Red's Eats

It was effing cold and windy today…and out of my vacation balloon, I finally heard there is a hurricane headed directly to BOSTON which is a problem since I’m supposed to be flying out of Boston on Sunday.

Ummm.. someone may need to tell HoJo that I may not be there on Monday. and please, get the rowboat ready.

I’ll need it to get back to Portland.

2) You know you are on vacation with pale people when this is what they get for sunscreen.

That is alot of SPF!!!

3) Ben F. is going to be the new Bachelor, probably. I will watch that season fo’ shizzle.

4)Cam Newton’s new boss told him not to get any tats. That’s ok, his ginormous arm muscles are pretty intimidating. and his teeth are pretty dazzling too.

5)We got tickets to the season opener. 6th row between the 20 and 30 yard lines. Yeah yer.

Anything cool in your lives??


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