The case of the missing couch

One day, I went to work.

As I opened the door, I expected nothing out of the ordinary.

But alas, today was different. I was the victim of a vicious burglary.

What’s missing? Check this post and see if you can spot what’s missing.

Yes, My couch.
And it its place was a big crap pile.

The Texas Flag on the floor is blasphemy

And they moved all my stuff from my couch onto my desk. So rude!

I had my suspicions of course. But in the spirit of the American judicial system, I tried to fairly inquire those possibly involved…

First up, JW.

I heart cats.

But he was busy with his catfold of the month.


Can’t be, he actually looks happy.

Then K. But she was busy babysitting Vinny the bird.

SB? But she was “busy” seizing. (insensitive, I know)

That left only one… my biggest suspect. I know he looks sweet…

Glamour Shot

but his little fingers are sticky.

Luckily all is well that ends well.

That KY, she is a strong old bird.

Mystery solved and case closed.

Happy Tuesday.

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