Five Things I would not mind…

Good morning lovelies. Mondays suck. As such, it is sometimes fun to dream. If someone offered these to me, I would not say no…

Things I would like in my life, in no particular order:

1) These shoes by Rachel Roy.


2) Cavapoo puppy

Don't hate me because I'm so cute.

Contrary to what J says, I would walk/feed it. And I would name him Spazzy McCoy Ord.

3)Cute baby

It’s only a coincidence that this baby looks Asian, and not like J.

4)Instantaneous Bikini bod

The Zen part is a bonus

(Hilarious that I thought of this after baby)

5)Jobby job in hand

and as a bonus…jobby job would be in Austin, the best city, as we’ve previously discussed.

Happy Monday.

More inspiring posts to come….