Texas Football

Texas Football. Is there anything better?

We want Vince! or Major! or Colt!

Yes, if you watched last season. Well, I’m going to pretend that last season didn’t happen. I’m going to pretend that GG didn’t totally eff us.

But baby, you better watch your back, because baby McCoy, Case, younger brother of Colt is here to play. Mack is being mum about who the starter will be, but apparently, Case was great in the Spring workouts.

I don’t care who starts, but we need wins. Looking at the top 25 poll is soul shuddering. OU up top? Pryor and Tresell-less Ohio State? Even Notre Dame is ranked above us. The horror.

We have nowhere to go but up, but our schedule is challenging. BYU, UCLA, Iowa State, OU, OSU, Mizzou, A&M? Yikes.

This year will either be glory or craptastic 2.0

Let’s hope it’s the former. Hook ’em!



Bonus image:

Harsh but true.

xoxo CBO

3 thoughts on “Texas Football

  1. I’m not surprised we are so far down on the list. You know we made history last year with the largest drop (from playing for the title to one of the worst seasons ever). I don’t blame Garrett, from all accounts, he’s a capable QB. I blame Greg Davis. Always have. He was the WORST excuse for an offensive coordinator ever. He lacked play calling ability and vision. Davis was lucky to get extremely talented QBs who made his crappy plays look good. When faced with a competent, but not star QB, he dissolved. SO GLAD he’s out. Sorry for the diatribe, I’ve been so pissed about Davis for YEARS.

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