Friday with Willie Nelson at the Edgefield

This concert was awesome. For many reasons. Willie is such a great artist, and his music is just so easy to listen to.

Also, since he is old, we have basically the same Circadian rhythm. The concert started early and ended when it was still light outside, which left time for our subsequent adventures.

Reasons why this concert ruled:

!) Emphasis on Texas

Texas rules!

avec PBR

2) PBR flowed like water

3) Beautiful venue with beautiful weather

4) Looking up in the sky, you saw green against blue.

5) Delicious ice cream.

How can you not love a face like that?

6) Kickass friends

And since the concert ended so early, we were able to high tail it over to Ringside for the late night happy hour. Thanks to my husband’s antics in the waiting room, we got our own private room.

I started with this:

Grey goose bien sur!

And Scott & Amy were just as excited!!

Mood lighting on date night.

And we ordered a crap ton of food.

No diet today.

Which was dee-ricious (a la Tom).

And we finished with these. We are disgusting.

Delicious. Highly recommended.

Not at delicious

The “chocolate silk pie” was not actually that, but more of a torte. Don’t order that.

All in all, it was a super night!!

Highly recommend concerts at the Edgefield.