Bach Finale Recap and the continuation of my celebration of freedom from the clutches of studying

Well, last night was the Bachelorette Finale. And I’ve got to say I was surprised, kind of, with how it turned out.

But first! No party is complete without a pre-party.

Yay- yer.

Yes, I bought myself that bottle, but does it really matter?

And I drank my fancy champagne in this fancy wine glass/stein!


And Kristi brought over delicious Smore ice cream sandwiches, which S and I ate, throwing our diet to the wind!

The calories don't count when you're celebrating.

I would like to point out, that at this party, there were 3 girls, and 4 guys. I’m just saying.

Stop pretending that you're not riveted.

You guys are so excited!!!!

Is it possible for J to look any cooler? The answer is an emphatic Yes!!!

And as a special bonus, my kickass photog, and his equally talented and lovely GF came over to share in the fun!. These two are so freaking talented. Please hire them! You will be happy.

Then onto the serious business.

First up, the family meets JP. And by family, I really just mean her biotch sister. What the eff was her problem?

Kat von D?

And we all decided her sleeves were not that cool. She needs to see how hot chicks in PDX rock the sleeve tattoos.

And jeez, it was hot in Fiji apparently. They were all sweating like pigs. A/C people!! It’s a lifesaver!!

And then her date with Ben. I love Ben. He is so cute. But I think his bad haircut did him in. Speaking of Ben, did you know his doppelganger lives in Portland?

The resemblance is uncanny? Who is better looking??

They had this steamy date in some “hot springs”.

You may or may not have cholera now.

And I thought her date with Ben was way better, but apparently, I know nothing, because this happened:

And even though Ben was brusque, he was rightfully so. And maintained his dignity.

So that was the end, and apparently, they’ve set a date, so that’s good.

Well, this season is over. And I give it a C+, but still I watched all of it.

I still think the other seasons were better, especially Jillian’s. That one was THE best.

And even Ali’s was pretty good. I still love Chris L. (He’s engaged to Peyton now!!)

Luckily, we don’t have to give up reality TV, because the smut continues and escalates on Bachelor Pad.

We all dieted for 3 months before going on the show.

Ames, Gia, Vienna, Jake…what could be better?