Fun Friday Feature: Focus on my Friends

We have 2 new residents, the newbies. They are many things:

-smart (both PhDs)
-smart asses

And they don’t mind when I take their pics, but they have no choice.

This was their first day of residency. Apparently, Sophie’s coat was ordered thinking she was acromegalic. She’s also wearing jeans BTW.

My coat is too big.

And Hoot was prim and proper…for the last time. It’s all been downhill.

In the words of Brit, "I'm not that innocent".

The beauty shots that follow really need very little captioning..

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

"Umm...his Na is 124, his Hb dropped 4 points, and he has unilateral leg swelling"

I only eat Paleo.

Hooters is smarter than a 5th grader!!

Apparently, she thinks she's in grade school.

What a boringly normal pic.

But did you really think that J Mo wouldn’t make another appearance…and he insisted on multiple shots. Diva.

Hurry up med student.

Who is that stand-in actor in the background?

How delightful!!

Happy Friday!!


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