Bachelorette Recap- Fantasy Dates

Well, this week’s episode was slightly mediocre. Ever since Ames was sent home, there is not nearly the same amount of comedic fun.

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Fantasy dates are in Fiji. It’s very beautiful.

Anyone could fall in love there, or can they?

First off, Constantine. He decides to go all the way to Fiji, steal the last rose from Ames (deer in headlights), and then decides he doesn’t like Ashley. But he did it in the noble, “I respect you too much way”. Okay. Sounds like someone wanted a free trip to Fiji!

I am NOT Ben F.

At least it will be easier without both of them there to confuse me as to who’s who.

Then Ben’s date. This was a very cute, PDA filled date. That sunscreen rubbing scene was very akin to Jillian’s hot tube date. Ow!!

Hope your kids are in bed.

And Ryan P. came back. He’s is officially crazy. But there was a poignant moment there, and I felt truly sorry for him.

And lastly, JP. Their date was also very cute. He wasn’t as crazy possessive this week. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like she was almost going to reassure him that he will be the last one…

Well, it was an okay episode. Let’s hope the finale is better!

Happy Tuesday!


p.s.- I got my 1st job interview!!

One thought on “Bachelorette Recap- Fantasy Dates

  1. I am sad to report we cannot attend your Finale party. Carrie’s Dad is in town, and we are “entertaining” and will be watching the finale via DVR. I am 55% Ben, 45% JP, and unless she brings Bentley back Ashley CANNOT screw this one up. Man, Ryan is emo.

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