Blue Steel and more…

We have some weird people in our department, me included. It is almost a pre-requisite in getting a job here. And one of our vices, we like having our picture taken, me mostly.

But on this date, we are highlighting some other players in the fight against cancer.

First up, J Mo. He is a visiting medical student, that shall otherwise remain anonymous. We like him very much. When I tried to take his picture at first, he was shy.

False modesty

And then, he consented to a demure pic.

Hello, I'm J Mo.

But who doesn’t want a happy, smiling cancer doc?

Now, we're getting somewhere...

And then suddenly, he was a diva. Here’s his Blue Steel.

I will KILL your cancer!!

Not to be outdone, JWallingford was in.

Angry JW

For the record, he never looks like this. He’s from the Midwest, he doesn’t know how to frown.

Then his true feelings emerged.

I'm a scared child.

But we pumped him up, and then his inner diva came out.

Blue Steel


Yes ladies, he’s still single. I won’t even mention he has not one, but 2 cats.

Chennuhottie, he’s manorexic now, but look how he can shove greens into his mouth!

And lastly, did you really think I could do an entire blog post without mentioning myself?

I give you hack job bangs! Tip: Don’t do this yourself the night before your boards.

Feel free to request the remainder of my modeling portfolio.

next up, highlighting our newbies…