This is the way life is supposed to be…

It’s no secret. My residency has not been the cakewalk I expected. Rad Onc conjures up images of pretty clouds and cupcakes.

But it has not been like that.

But sometimes, there are flashes of brillance. Like this week. 5 of the 6 of us, plus a visiting med student (to be our photographer) (JK) (sort of) made a trip to the DCH Starbies.

And it was grand.

Unfortunately, these pics capture the terrible job I did of cutting my own bangs. That is what happens when you take things into your own hands the night before your boards.

Please excuse the crappy quality of Sravi’s camera phone.

Happy days!

Don't be jealous of us, or do...

We're so sexy, and that little redhead is a black belt.

Sravi, I will beat you and my little redhead sidekick will crush your kneecaps.

I wish this could be everyday.


One thought on “This is the way life is supposed to be…

  1. Crushing kneecaps is my go to move, actually. You just say the word, boss. Btw, weren’t we all supposed to be making mean faces? Somehow I’m the only one that got that email. Can’t wait for picture day coming up…

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