How I spent the 4th of July

We hit up the NE 33rd Place block party. It was awesome. What can be better than crashing the block party of a neighborhood you don’t live in?

First off, there was a beer bike? How sweet is this thing???? It has built in speakers to pump the jams.

Rent me for parties, weddings, quincineras (sp?)

And there were lots of cool people like:



And Dan with his busted up knee after robotic surgery…no wait, it’s all fixed up!

Ice that knee!!!

And my super cool bro-in-law, Jason.

He and Justin made the super delicious Gartner’s short ribs.

Poor doggie... no meat for you.

But the coolest person there was probably my crazy nice, Cuckoo, I mean Coco.This picture really says it all.


Thanks for having us!!!

And as this post is published commemorating America’s independence, I would also like to shout out to my fatherland on Bastille Day. May we all enjoy croissants and French kisses today.