Bachelorette Recap

So, last night’s Bachelorette…

As usual, Ashley was her usual whiny, insecure self. Now don’t get me wrong, if I had to do it, I might be the same way… but I would certainly try not to cry every single time. Although I have to commend her on being able to abstain from talking about Psycho Bentley for once.

Ryan P. got sent home. And now, I see how annoying he is. And yet I feel bad, what is wrong with being a happy, positive person? Obviously something, since it annoyed me. I am obviously a bitter, emoting person. While we’re talking about Ryan, isn’t it amazing how much he looks like Mr. Schuster from Glee?

Well, Lucas from Texas also got eliminated… he is a handsome, Southern gentleman. But maybe a little boring. Boo. Maybe he can be the next Bachelor?

And then Ben had the overnight date with Ashley and was very smug about it. I like him though, they seem to be good together. I mean, who doesn’t want to ride around, falling in love on a Vespa?

But it is kinda weird when two people look so alike that you can’t tell them apart….

Ames. Lovely Ames. He is way too good for her or anyone else on this show. He is just so polite and nice. And if you’re in a fog storm, light will reflect off his forehead to guide you to safety. Practical!!! But seriously, he is awesome. I am shocked she picked him.

Lastly, JP was a jealous psycho. She’s not your GF yet. She dating 5 other dudes!!

On another note, who is ABC hiring to think up these date ideas? Wedding portraits? Kinda lame…even for me, who loves taking pictures.

Emily….I can’t tell if she’s sincere or not. She’s certainly pretty, but I don’t believe that she doesn’t want any publicity. And she must have had botox, her face doesn’t move at all!!

Yes, I’m just jealous.

Okay, that is today’s recap.