Bachelorette Recap and Britney!

First off, let’s talk about last night’s Bachelorette.

Bentley, you are a royal tool and a psychopath. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but I hope you never have another date again. And you’re really not THAT hot.

Beware of Psycho

I think the way the guys handled her “honesty” was alittle brutal, but understandable. We all know that if Bentley had wanted to come back, things would be completely different…

I love big goofy Ames. He is way too good to be on this show.

I wish she had given the rose to Blake instead of Constantine. We didn’t get to know Blake very well, but in his last few minutes on the show, I have to say, he impressed me. And he has perfect teeth!!

Well, being America’s next Bachelor would be a good consolation prize.

Next bachelor?

Finally, tonight’s is girls’ night. And we are going to Britney in a box.

Oh yeah!!

In honor of Britney, here is my favorite recent song of hers…

Happy Tuesday!

xoxo Celine