The IOC is bologna…

First of all…is this how bologna is spelled? Like bologna sandwich? Or like baloney!!

Anyhow…what’s up with them?

It is OBVIOUS that a couple of the Chinese female gymnasts are underage… they look 12…or 14…but have definitely not yet hit Tanner IV.

And after supporting those bogus passports, the Chinese are going to readily hand over  all their legal documents and concede what we’ve been saying all along?  Psyche!!

And what happened to our track team?  We kick ass the last 3 years and then all of a sudden, come to a sputtering halt in China?

What a coincidence that Jamaica all of a sudden won all the sprint events…

Can you say VOODOO?


Sanya Richards is awesome.  She single handedly brought some glory and pride back to the US.  Is it any wonder she is a Longhorn? 

And the US Men won the volleyball gold. And led by no less that the very “pretty” Nathan Priddy.

I can’t wait until the London 2012 Games….hopefully it’ll be less suspicious.

Go Phelps!!!! And Jason Lezak, who I think was the true hero of these games.