Phase I of Road Trip: West Texas


So we left to Portland and spent one third of the trip driving through the great state of Texas.  Wow, this state is big.  It is pretty boring and flat though.  We drove hundreds of miles and the one constant vision was Dairy Queen through each small Texas town.  What amazes me is that we, as Texans, have such unbelievable pride in our state.  In what other state would we paint a car with our state flag.  We stopped for the night in Amarillo, where I got to see the wonderful Stricklands.  They were the first people my parents met in America and boy, they are such kind, wonderful people.  And not just because they took us to an all-you-can-eat rib dinner our last night in Texas….how perfect.

Next up- Oklahoma through Idaho.

One thought on “Phase I of Road Trip: West Texas

  1. Celine deserves the “highest” honor a Texas citizen can receive, the golden W (pronounced Dubya), for having to ride in the car with me after that all you can eat buffet (including lots o frijoles…). Luckily for her, by now I think she’s lost most of her nasal neurons…

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