ARRGHHH, I’m addicted to Facebook!!

Woe is me…..I resisted it for so long…but then I gave into peer pressure and the social stigma of [gasp] not having a facebook page, and I’ve finally succumbed to it.

And it is awesome.

It is different from MySpace…you can’t personalize it as much, choose your song..etc, but nevertheless, delightful, as you can see all the activity going on around in cyberspace through the “minifeed.”

I do hate having to re-ask everyone to be my friend. It’s weird.  And more importantly, how do we know if we’ve been rejected?

I’m sorry MySpace, I’ve deserted you for your “less trashy”, more “collegial” alternative.


2 thoughts on “ARRGHHH, I’m addicted to Facebook!!

  1. I can vouch for you! I’m searchin’ cyberspace for my baby (my new blues tune)…

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