No one likes Whataburger…

Dang, we’re ordering out and everyone has rejected our Whataburger offer. What’s up with that? When it was Papa John’s, the whole hospital was coming out of the woodworks….hmmm…they obviously don’t know about the Whatameal!

Other than that, I’m very tired and I hate call.

On the upside, I only have 5 in house calls left in my life.

Woo hoo!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “No one likes Whataburger…

  1. Speaking of call, maybe you should call your fiancee…. PS I would have been in on that Whataburger order…

  2. Dorks! Make mine a number 5, on a toasted wheat bun with grilled onions and whole jalapeno on the side.

  3. Love the blog Celine! I’ve had more than a few chuckles in the last couple minutes while reading this. Your penthouse looks/sounds awesome. As for the Whataburger, these people are crazy! Papa John’s over Whataburger?!? Have they tried their chicken strips? Breakfast burrito?

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