I saved a turtle’s life!

I was driving home from the gym and slammed on my brakes because there was a turtle slowly crossing the street.  He was so cute! I had to quickly pull over and then proceeded to spend 20 minutes helping him across the street and then up the curb with a stick because I was too scared to pick him up.  But then, as soon as I helped him over the curb, he crawled away with not so much as a glance. =(


Goodbye my turtle friend!

3 thoughts on “I saved a turtle’s life!

  1. The other day I did the same….well, after my wife’s pleading. However, I was man enough to pick him up. Some day you’ll be like me.

  2. We turtles are wondering where our messiah has gone, no blogging for 3 wks? Have you forsaken us?

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