The Long awaited Tissue Pomander Post

Yes, I love them. I make big ones, small ones, medium sized ones…they are going to be the centerpieces of my party.  Yet, they are practical.  I didn’t fluff it out completely, instead shaped it more like a pretty flower.  See how it brightens up a drab package??  Check out the multi-hued one I made for Christian’s gift.  It is a gift in itself one might say….Muahhahaha.

One thought on “The Long awaited Tissue Pomander Post

  1. This blog is amazing!! New posts come in as I’m reading it. It’s like Being John Malkovich… except I’m Celine Jones (name changed to provide confidentiality.. by Kristin’s request) which isn’t nearly as fun as JM, but it’ll do. Tell me more about pomanders?

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