We will not be homeless!!!

SOOOOO….after much ado… we found a place.  It was a crazy process.  I went out on Thursday and met with countless people…saw so many places.  There were a few that were great, but expensive…$2700 for a 2BR/2B.  There were others that were cheap but lame.  And then on Saturday, the clouds parted and we found our place.  It is awesome.  It is a penthouse (yes penthouse) loft with 2 stories, concrete floors, huge windows, and a 207 sq ft. patio!!!  It has the most gorgeous view and comes with a baby grand.  I guess we will start piano lessons?

Woo hoo!!!  Notice the Starbucks across the street and the rail line which I step outside to take all the way to work.  Awesome.



One thought on “We will not be homeless!!!

  1. This is the coolest blog… I’m wondering who that hunky guy is in those engagement photos. He looks slender… You’re one lucky lady!!!!

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