Portland, oh Portland

pearl apartmentsSo here I am, in a coffee shop, to reflect on what you have shown me this afternoon. The day started off beautifully. I had my luggage (thanks to flying with carry-on only), got my rental car without incident (that I pricelined for $10 a day!!!) and drove straight to the Pearl without getting lost (thanks to Google Maps). 

It was wonderful.  I parked and walked into your gloomy arms.  There was some slight drizzle which didn’t offend me, but did my beautiful brown leather jacket.  So I used my umbrella begrudingly.  Then I proceeded to find the most exquisite little cafe:  Everett Street Bistro and had the most delectable omelette.  It was perfect with its juicy mushrooms, soft swiss and onions. YUMILICIOUS!!  Then I saw an apartment, it was nice.  Then the sun came out admist your protests and I put away my umbrella. 

I walked all over the Pearl checking out its boutiques and have had 2 cups of coffee and 2 cups of tea all so I could use the free wireless.  Oh internet, how I love thee!!

Now it alternates between sunshine and gloom all in an hour and it drives me crazy.  I packed nothing but sweaters and boring turtlenecks and it’s supposed to be 75 and sunny this Saturday.  Nuts!! I guess I will have to go shopping.  At least Portland is tax free.


Up next….the Coco and Jojo monsters.